So, after five days, Baddha Konasana is hurting again – boo…. not too badly, but enough to be annoying. I am making friends with Garbha Pindasana though, even though I do find it strange and rather unnecessary. I have possibly been enjoying it more for the last couple of days because our new adjuster seems to be quite forceful and has got me into Supta K, so I feel that I can actually justify the subsequent poses.

It was reasonably quiet again today, which I can’t complain about, and again I moved into V’s spot after she had finished – nicely warmed up, thanks V.

I was considering non-attachment today. The primary school I went to has recently been closed down and is shortly to be demolished to make room for new flats. The school has been moved about 250m away to a new plot, right by the playing fields, and is probably much nicer than the old school. A handful of my school friends are getting quite upset about it and are petitioning to the council not to knock it down. But why? I can’t say I am that attached to it. I quite liked being at school there, but it doesn’t mean anything to me now. What would they do with it if they didn’t demolish it, now that there is a nice new replacement school around the corner? I just don’t understand.

Anther thing I don’t understand is why people from school who didn’t deign to talk to me 20 years ago want to be my friend on facebook now? Most odd; if I wasn’t cool enough then, do you really think I am now?