Today is day three of being able to stand from drop-backs. I chanced upon the ability at the end of last week. I was next to somebody else doing their drop backs, with assistance and plenty of spoken guidance, so had longer than usual to mess around on my own and try out the tips being given to my neighbour. I had a couple of goes and on attempt 3 I came back up!! So, I tried it again on Monday and I could do it again – 3 times in succession, then again this morning, stood up on two and did an inelegant collapse on the third attempt. Hurrah.

Next week I’m in Japan, for three weeks. I need to find shalas and have only been successful in finding a convenient one in Kyoto. Drop ins seem to be phenomenally expensive though, so I may have to ration them. Problem is, I am just not so dedicated to a full practice outside a shala environment and I don’t want to take a mat with me. But I REALLY don’t want to lose the dropbacks.