August 2010

I love that wherever you happen to be going, it is taken as given by the fellow ashtangi that you will practice as a guest in another shala. Whereas the non-yogis out there think that considering where to practice whilst on holiday is quite bizarre.

I also add that however potentially exciting the destination, packing is NEVER fun.

Thanks to everyone with helpful tips on Japan 🙂


Today is day three of being able to stand from drop-backs. I chanced upon the ability at the end of last week. I was next to somebody else doing their drop backs, with assistance and plenty of spoken guidance, so had longer than usual to mess around on my own and try out the tips being given to my neighbour. I had a couple of goes and on attempt 3 I came back up!! So, I tried it again on Monday and I could do it again – 3 times in succession, then again this morning, stood up on two and did an inelegant collapse on the third attempt. Hurrah.

Next week I’m in Japan, for three weeks. I need to find shalas and have only been successful in finding a convenient one in Kyoto. Drop ins seem to be phenomenally expensive though, so I may have to ration them. Problem is, I am just not so dedicated to a full practice outside a shala environment and I don’t want to take a mat with me. But I REALLY don’t want to lose the dropbacks.

It’s been ages since I have written anything in my blog! I was drawn to the blog as my yoga mat has now started to decompose. It was looking a bit patchy in the hand and foot placement areas, then when I unrolled it at the beginning of the week, a big chunk just fell off in the left foot placement area!!! So, I was curious to see how long it had lasted for and can now confirm that it was purchased on 27 December 2008! So, it has lasted just over a year and half… which I don’t think is that great.

Anyhow, I now have the dilemma of buying a new one. I don’t want to order online, I think the feel of the mat is important, so I need to go to a shop and find one… Obviously, I had a quick look online and have only managed to identify yoga clothing on sale at Asquith, so it looks like in a few minutes my bank balance will have been reduced and I will have ordered a new yoga outfit 😀

After purchasing the new mat there will be that tedious breaking in period where the mat is slippery and annoying. Joy. Maybe it’s time for a hemp one…. I have road tested one before and found it was a bit scratchy on the hands and feet. Hmmm.

So, whilst I am here, practice? It was going quite well, I was making progress with drop backs again, but now my shoulder has started hurting again. So whilst the bending of the spine part feels great right now, my shoulder seems to be trying to escape from it’s socket!! Ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but the biomechanics required to get a good bend in my back seem to force the shoulder joint in an unnatural way. So, this week I have been to practice once, and done a really gentle ‘stepping through – stepping back’ practice, but it’s a bit dull really! So at the end, although I had planned on not backbending, I did anyway, just to sate the cravings for bending 😉

Otherwise, I suppose practice is fine. Baddha konasana is no problem at all. I have said it already, but how could I have missed on the mula thing for so long… I suffered for ages, and it was so simple!!!!

I’m a bit out of love with early mornings at the moment, but back to the mat tomorrow…..