I had a fab holiday in Egypt; sunshine, yoga, windsurfing, food and not much else, ideal. Moonbeach is a great little find. Basically, it’s in the middle of nowhere about three hours north of Sharm-el-Sheikh on the Red Sea. Other than the hotel, chalets and windsurf centre, there is nothing there other than a long stretch of beach, in a bay and plenty of passing dolphins.

I really enjoyed having lots of time to do yoga. After the first morning session, it was clear that there was a disparity in ability between me and the rest of the group, so for the rest of the week, I got up at 6 and did my practice before the class at 7.45. The evening class was nice, gentle and stretchy, which was exactly what was needed after spending the day on the water.

The climate was perfect for both yoga and windsurfing. About 35 degrees but lovely dry heat. Just right for falling in the water, getting out again and drying off, and equally for a warm but not sweaty yoga practice. The only downside was the flies. Flies on your face and tickling your arms in savasana is no fun. Practicing with the ceiling fan on seemed to help blow them away though.

By the end of the week I was managing to do drop backs again, although my right shoulder was quite seriously achy after. I had a wonderful hot stone massage through working deeply on my shoulder and naggy hamstring.

Windsurfing is great fun, although I fell off a lot. When it wasn’t too windy and the water was flat it was great, but throw in some waves and staying balanced is quite challenging, great for core strength though. Hoisting the sail up every time I fell off was also great exercise. An afternoon session in a kayak trying to pursue dolphins was great exercise for my lats, too.

On the way home we spent a day in Cairo and saw the pyramids and Sphinx and had lunch on a felluca boat on the Nile. Unfortunately, something I ate at the end of the holiday severely disrupted my stomach and left me unable to practice all week. For some reason mornings seems to be particularly bad for stomach cramps 😦

I went to the gym yoga class this morning, which was a nice gentle introduction back to practice. Hopefully I’ll be back at the shala this coming week. Maybe doing all of primary again too 😀