I had a really, really hectic day yesterday, running around from one place to another from 6am until 10pm, although I did go to yoga, go to work, go to Barbican for rehearsal, back to work again, back to Barbican for a concert then home, which involved a lot of walking!

I then woke up an hour before my alarm this morning, despite having felt that I needed about 10 hours sleep when I went to bed and didn’t go back to sleep… by the time it was time to get up for practice, I felt stiff and unmotivated.

I should know by now that feeling stiff and unmotivated often results in the best practices, so I am very glad I made the effort to get on the mat. It’s funny how I felt like I would be stiff an sore, but actually I wasn’t at all. Must be that state of mind rather than state of body thing!

I’ve continued with Garbha P and baddha K this week and have discussed the baddha K issues with H again. This morning I did a sort of twisted janu A (almost parigasana?) to try and stretch my left QL before starting, then had H give me a very gentle adjustment. We then discussed how it doesn’t really hurt to go down, just to come up. Whilst practising some adjustments to see what helps, I surprised myself by how easily I can get my torso down without it actually hurting. I suspect the anticipation of it hurting makes me tense up, which makes it hurt. Anyway, today, pressure on the sacrum and really engaging the bandas seemed to work. Perhaps the stretch at the beginning helped too. Its something I can work with, which makes me happy and optimistic.

Putting on the extra postures has helped with backbends too. I have never really found it comfortable to go directly from Supta K into backbends, it’s just too much stress on my lower back. So, this week I have been forcing myself to do two long backbends (previously I would wuss out after one). A little like Baddha K, the backbending doesn’t feel too bad whilst I am doing it, but once I come out of the first, the muscles in my lower back seem to spasm. Anyway, forcing myself to do a second back bend doesn’t seem to make it anyway worse, so I’m going to keep at it.

I’ve also had a couple of very productive days at work, getting some nasty bits sorted out, which, along with the sunshine on my desk, feels good. Now we just need warmth to go with the sunshine….

Oh and moonday tomorrow 😀