Last week my yoga practice was disrupted by some toe-rag who stole the back wheel from my bike. Without my bike, there is no quick and easy way to get to the shala. Anyway, I found a discarded wheel around the corner from where my bike was parked (a straight swap?) and have temporarily adopted it. It seems a bit broken, but it’s getting me from A to B until I have the time to get a proper replacement sorted out.

So, progress last week was getting head to floor in Bhujapidasana, this was followed by a totally uncontrolled coming up again where my head came up and my bottom crashed to the floor – how unsightly. This week I have been able to pull myself together a bit and have been able to control the transition into bakansana. All good.

This weeks other progress is that I am jumping back again from seated. This really does feel like good progress when I consider how much of my strength I had lost when I came back to the shala after Christmas. I am still not jumping back into chatturanga in the sun salutations, but maybe soon?

I had an urdvha danhurasana adjust from D today, it was wonderful. She clamped my elbows together enough to get lift through the shoulders. The backbend felt nice until afterwards when my lower back seemed to tighten up completely, preventing me from doing a second one. Ah well, every little counts.

Next month, supta K again? After that it’s really all a home run until I’m doing full primary again…