Since I moved to my new flat, I wasn’t going to my old gym, it wasn’t open at the weekend anyway, so wasn’t much use. So, this week G and I both signed up to the local gym. It is no more expensive than my old gym, yet gives free towels, has a swimming pool and squash court and a decent sized studio. So fat I have been for a swim, to the gym and done a yoga class, which is probably more than I did at the old gym in the last year!

This morning I went to the 10.30 ‘Power Yoga’ class. It looked promising on the timetable as it is actually 90 minutes long. At the old gym, all of the classes were 45 minutes so you couldn’t even get warmed up at at yoga class. This class was quite fun, and probably a good rehabilitation class for me whilst my shoulder is still being troublesome. We started off with some pranayama, and some arm raises, cat stretches etc, the kind of ‘warm-up’ I was taught in my TT. We then did a routine of poses which which mostly involved going from hands and knees to high plank, then straight into downward do. It didn’t do much to wake up the spine, but was a nice respite for my shoulder. We then did some warrior, paravritta trikonasana, and bound arm balance combinations, then some utkatasanas going in to twists. We then hit the floor for salabasana and danhurasana, some seated twists, then a long stretch in pigeon.

I can quite honestly say that pigeon IS my nemesis, not only can I not get my bum on the floor, I can’t get my front leg anywhere near a right angle. We spent a couple of minutes in a pigeon forward bend which was very uncomfortable, the were left to do some ‘freestyle’ back bending in pigeon. I can barely even get my torso upright, so I just went for the grab the back foot option. We then wound down from there with a couple more twists, then a 2 minute savasana.

It wasn’t really a ‘power’ session but did feel like a relaxing Sunday stretch. For free (membership costs aside) it is OK, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there, but would certainly do it again on a free Sunday morning.

It’s back to the shala again tomorrow, 1 month into my revived practice. I have been telling myself I’ll add bhujapidasana in February, so I’ll try and give that a go. One more pose at a time 🙂