The only use for my sweat towel this morning was to dry the snow off my bicycle seat. Yes, more snow in London. Sigh. I am very bored of the weather now, not that I was enjoying the snow the first time around.

I managed to get the spot by the radiator again this morning, which was nice. I really, really never thought I would say that about the end spot! Practice felt a little more solid. I have managed to introduce some small jump-backs into seated; rolling over the knees, then jumping back from them. It all seems to be about alignment of the shoulder. I realized that if I tightly engage my shoulder muscles it keeps the shoulder stable and it doesn’t hurt. I think my gut reaction was to try not to engage in case it was using the muscles that hurt, but that was the wrong approach. Slowly, slowly.

I also managed to bind all of the marichiasanas on both sides, which is also an improvement. My right arm certainly isn’t exactly where it ‘should’ be when I bind, but I can modify so it doesn’t hurt. I might try and add bhujapidasana next week.

All I need now is to start getting my back bends working again. I might try hanging off the bed now and get the underway!