I went to the shala for the first time in two months today. My target for the new year is to try and practice twice a week. My shoulder is somewhat better than it was, but I have got to the point where not practicing isn’t making it better, so I decided I may as well start up again and see if it starts getting worse.

So, sun salutations: they are a bit uncomfortable, I have to step back and am being really careful with my hand placement going into chatturanga. Standing is generally not too bad, extending my arm upwards in Trikonasana is uncomfortable, then prasarita padatonasana C must be done gingerly, the only complete no-no is hands in prayer for parsvottanasana.

Seated is more difficult as I can’t really lift myself to jump back so have to cross then ankles, roll over onto my knees then step back, jumping though is a bit uncomfortable so I spent most of the practice just going half way, then bringing my legs through. As far as postures are concerned, everything is OK until the marichiasanas which aren’t really happening, I can’t bind the first side of A or B, then C doesn’t really work either way so today I stopped there and did a half backbend as I can’t lift up into Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Anyway, it’s all good progress, and I am really happy that I went.