Well, week one back at AYL has been OK, but I’m glad to have the moonday tomorrow, I think I need the day off.

I feel much more motivated at AYL, the room has an energy which TY doesn’t have. I don’t know if it’s because AYL is so much smaller, but there is definitely a difference.

Although I have maintained a fairly steady practice at TY, I feel that I have lost some strength, particularly in my arms (and core?), the lifts between Navasana feel harder and so does ultpluthi. I forced myself to hold for 20 (short!) breaths today, hopefully it will come back quickly enough. My flexibility seems unaffected, which is nice.

Practicing in the high heat and humidity is taking some getting used to. The increased flexibility seems to have given me quite sore hamstrings, but I’m sure that will wear off. Today I don’t think any of the windows were open, so I felt a bit stifled…

Annoyingly, after a strong adjust in Baddha Konasana yesterday, the piriformis pain is back with a vengence. I had actually got to a point where I could get get my head to the floor OK without adjustment, but I’m back to square one again now. Hopefully a couple of days rest will ease it up; I think I will request no more adjustments.

Otherwise all is good. 😀