Every new beginning has to start somewhere, right?

I did get on my mat this morning, after 15 minutes of generating excuses in bed. I still have a cold so I excused myself from a shala practice on the basis that nobody would want to hear my snotty ujjai. It was probably for the best as it was a pretty weak practice, if I’m honest. I did SNA and B, then all of standing except UHP which is stupid anyway and I can’t balance in the dark without my glasses on. Then fw bends, the Janu’s (how bad are things if Janu A feels tight?) twists the then savasana as I was pooped (blame the cold).

Not only was the stiffness a problem, but also the injuries which just keep on hanging around. My left hamstring really doesn’t reel like it’s ever going to get better (as long as I have to get up and stand on my feet everyday) and the shoulder for some reason hasn’t improved at all either. I did a quick muscle map search and think it is the Teres Major. Oh well. What can you do?

Tomorrow I hope to get to the shala, so fingers crossed I can breathe through my nose in the morning!