Ok, so they aren’t bad at all, they’re great when you’re on one. But the slog before and after are no fun at all.

I have a million things to do this evening, but catching up with Cyberspace seems to be winning over many, many more important things like sorting out my finances, reading numerous letters from my solicitor regarding moving house (this is highly important so can’t understand why I don’t just do it!), calling my mum, reading many e mails, unpacking my suitcase, dealing with mountains of laundry and preparing myself for tomorrow.

I’m hoping to go back to practice but have a really annoying cold which has left me with a streaming nose for three days (blame over airconditioned hotel). I realised I am still subscribed to TY until the end of the week, so will go there this week at least, then back to AYL, I think.

My holiday has at least given me renewed vigor for work and practice, but these two battle with one another, oh, and my social life. What to do tomorrow when I want to practice but have an after work engagement which means I can’t work late late… so, only answer go to practice mega early, but then where does sleep happen…. oh, the struggles of an Ashtanga lifestyle 😉 Hopefully this will be mostly resolved when I move house, the walk to the old shala should be 20 mins max, although I hope to cycle, an work is just a 10 minute walk. This will be bliss, even if I am bankrupt.