I’m still trying to get to practice, but it is still much more sporadic than I would like.

Due to the sporadicity (made that word up), I don’t feel that I am doing as good a practice as I could… Drop backs are still happening, standing up needs more practice and progress is definitely hindered by not practicing every day. My hamstring still gives me grief on a daily basis and the dropping back has made my right shoulder sore. Teacher suggests dropping back onto a thicker mat, for more shock absorption (or my take on it, I just need to get better at dropping back so that I can control the last six inches of my descent!)

Hopefully in a months time I’ll be in my new flat, nice and close to the shala and work, and I will have time to dedicate the time I want to to my practice (ugh, not grammatically fun that sentence!).

I’m off to Spain on Thursday, so all will go quiet again here for ages 😉