July 2009

I’m still trying to get to practice, but it is still much more sporadic than I would like.

Due to the sporadicity (made that word up), I don’t feel that I am doing as good a practice as I could… Drop backs are still happening, standing up needs more practice and progress is definitely hindered by not practicing every day. My hamstring still gives me grief on a daily basis and the dropping back has made my right shoulder sore. Teacher suggests dropping back onto a thicker mat, for more shock absorption (or my take on it, I just need to get better at dropping back so that I can control the last six inches of my descent!)

Hopefully in a months time I’ll be in my new flat, nice and close to the shala and work, and I will have time to dedicate the time I want to to my practice (ugh, not grammatically fun that sentence!).

I’m off to Spain on Thursday, so all will go quiet again here for ages 😉


When I was struggling with drop backs I told H that they were the hardest thing I did all day. He laughed at me and told me that I would learn to love them one day.

Suddenly, now that I can actually do them, I do enjoy them; letting gravity work into the different areas of my spine and gradually stretching out towards the ground. My, my, what has happened to me?

The hardest thing I am doing now is trying to get into Supta K on my own… I should have known it would get back to the top of the difficult list at some point!

I have had so little time to blog, I don’t have time now really, but whatever… work can wait for a second or two.

So, my time has been taken up finding a new flat, but it is almost sorted; offers have been made and accepted and contracts are being drawn up. Once I move, the dilemma of which shala to go to will start all over again.

Practice has been good but more sporadic than I would like, but it’s still happening.

The regular teacher is back at TY and things are noticeably busier. She seems nice though.

The only notable change to my practice is that she encourages me to try and get into Supta K myself… it’s damn hard, but I suppose we shouldn’t always rely on someone else to put our limbs into place. Anyway, it’s coming, but I find that trying to cross my ankles myself means my shoulders creep out from under my legs and I lose my bind. A quick squish at the end helps.

Finally drop backs seem to be coming along. I can go down no problem and have now actually managed to stand up on my own at practice. Hurrah – it has taken over a year to get to this point!

Anyway, must dash off again. Hopefully I’ll blog again in the next fortnight 😉