June 2009

As I don’t have any exciting yoga news I thought I would do Liz’s then and now thing… so here I am…..

7ish, I think.



Last week was a bit of a no-hoper for practice, what with a tube strike, a morning where 3 of my colleagues were staying with me and one hangover, I only managed to fit in a single practice.

Anyway, new week, new me, so it was back to the mat yesterday. I have signed up for another month at TY having resolved not to get to attached to where I practice, as long as I get a practice. The convenience factor of TY is certainly winning me over at the moment. I’m super busy with work and house stuff; I had an offer on my flat the day it went on the market, but haven’t even found anywhere I remotely like to move to, so I’m in a bit of a hurry to find somewhere. This is influencing my decision not to worry about where I practice, as at the moment, I don’t think I can restrict my house hunting to only shala convenient locations!

My practice today, although good physically, was challenged by my mind racing off to other places… who said yoga calmed the fluctuations of the mind???