Not much writing going on from me at the moment. Far too many things going on, holidays, work, trying to move house….

I am still practicing at TY having singed up for a month, which expires in about a weeks time. I have been continuously wavering about what to do next. I had a week where I really missed the shala and had decided to go back, but then last week we had a different cover teacher, who has been fantastic, so now I don’t feel I can make a final decision until I have tried the regular teacher who gets back from Mysore at the beginning of July. So, for now I think I may do a couple of weeks of June at THE shala, then give TY another go…. Anyway, both of them are not going anywhere so I can take my time, I suppose.

Practice has been OK. I am FINALLY making what can be described as fair progress with the back bending. I’m now doing 5 drop backs on my own, with help coming back up… I feel so nearly there, just not quite. I’m working on walking my hands in so as to get my hips further over my feet, which will help me to stand up. I think practicing with different teachers has helped to the extent that I got complacent at the shala. H knew that I couldn’t really do it, so I just relied on being properly assisted, but with the new teachers, I am working on the basis that there is an expectation that I CAN do it, which is definitely a better mental starting point for me!

Other than that, it has been a marvelously sunny weekend, and I have enjoyed doing not very much other than sitting in the sunshine and hanging out with friends. Nice.