Here I am in the airport, killing time before a meeting which the client scheduled for 12.30, then re-scheduled for 1.30 AFTER I had booked my flight. Anyway, It’s nice to have a few spare minutes to write when I don’t really have anything else nagging me.

Monday practice, back at TY was OK. Lots of adjustments and a new found enthusiasm for drop backs after my weekends sucesses. I ended up doing 3 urdvha D from the floor, one unassisted drop back, from which I couldn’t stand up, then five assisted drop backs. I prefer dropping into back bends than pushing up from the floor. Pushing up puts more strain on my lower spine and seems to wrench my shoulders a little. Yesterday I had the same enthusiasm for the back bending and was assisted for 6 drop backs. The teacher is making me inhale for the first part of the descent, opening the chest and relaxing the shoulders, then exhaling for a controlled descent, then inhale back up. This may work, although so far I inhale and bend, then pretty much crash down on the exhale. My own drop backs are much slower, but I suppose that is part of slowly learning which muscles to engage to get the required control.

My hamstring has been playing up a bit, On Monday it felt like it was threaded with steel cable, just not stretching at all. This may have been due to three mornings off practice.

No practice today due to the early flight, but I should get back to the mat tomorrow. I have paid for a month at TY to see how things settle. One observation is that there are more absolute beginners dropping in, and they are quite teacher time intensive, and without an assistant, this means that adjustments can be sporadic. I am still keeping an open mind.