Today the shala was packed even fuller than I have ever seen before – Tuesdays are obviously going to be the most busy day of the week. The queue peaked at 10 people whilst I was waiting, and it took half an hour for me to get a place.

N, a yoga teacher who practices at the shala managed to get everyone in the finishing room to squish up and fit one more in so there was an inch between each mat, and I started my practice under the chalkboard with the side of my mat actually touching the wall. Got into the main room for parsvottanasana, had adjusts in UHP and pachimottanasana, managed to get to Navasana, do one quick back bend then had to run off again to get to work.

I’d like to get my full practice in tomorrow, but looks like I may have to get there at 6… yawn, I’m going to a gig tonight too.