Back at the shala today after taking Thursday off, couldn’t face the pre-moonday queue, then Friday off for Moonday. I was staying with friends over the weekend so didn’t get to practice then either.

Nothing too startling in the mat today, thankfully the shala was much quieter than it was last week so I got started soon after arriving and managed to get through my whole practice. I had one slight surprise when I got to bujapidasana and found no sciatic pain, and only a small twinge in baddha konasana. Wow, it would be nice if that went away permanently.

Back bending wasn’t so great today, I just didn’t feel that bendy. Either I get up and feel like I can do it, or like today, I just don’t feel strong enough to control my myself during the drop down backwards!

Only two more shala practice week as I am off to Moscow for a long weekend – unless anyone out there knows of a shala in Moscow?