Woe is me, my left hand hurts, and it’s Kino’s workshop this weekend, so it better recover in time for tomorrow. I get this pain in my hand sometimes after singing in concerts. I hold my (often pretty heavy) score in my left hand for a couple of hours whilst singing, then a muscle in my hand gets really stiff and painful.The pain radiates from a point in my palm just under my ring finger and extends down to my wrist.

This morning I had to modify my practice as jumping through and back really aggravated it, as did any picking up of limbs for binding etc. Actually, it hurts quite a lot to type too. 😦

Practice, other than the hand pain, was nice. Other than general fatigue due to a large accumulated sleep deficit this week, I felt quite limber. I have now managed to get back into the mind set that if I practice every day (or near enough…) then things aren’t painful. Even a four day break results in my hamstrings hurting for a day, and I don’t want to have to deal with that!

Backbending was a bit better today too. R was assisting me and she let me try to get up a couple of times on my own. She thinks I’m on the brink of being able to do it – which is encouraging!

Right, this post is rather fragmented, but I thought I’d get something written! No doubt a full review of the weekend will follow next week.