Two days, two practices.

I had a lovely practice yesterday, it was like a Sunday practice as I had the day off work, so I arrived at about 8.30 and had no time constraints. The shala was much warmer than it has been recently, partly from being there later on and also because the weather is finally mild. The heat made me feel lovely and flexible, I did my whole practice and loved it. Whilst I was doing my seated poses I noticed out of the corner of my (very myopic) eye that someone behind me was doing something interesting, Skandasana, to be precise. My drishti faltered and my mind started whirring: petite, tanned, very flexible and wearing micro shorts: compute – it was Kino. I must confess that I subsequetnly took little peeks at what she was up to whilst doing my half vinyasa. Her practice is effortless! At one point, whilst in hanumansana she stopped, sat upright and had a quick chat with Hamish, as you do!

Last night I didn’t end up going to bed till after midnight as I had sung in a concert that didn’t finish until 10.30pm, so today, practice was totally rubbish. I was so stretched yesterday that my hamstrings were feeling stiff even by the evening, so this morning, after only 5.5 hours sleep and a 25 minute wait to start, nothing was happy. My forward bend is much improved, but I felt incredibly stiff and tired. My muscles were feeling like tight rubber bands, that just didn’t want to give. I struggled through to bhujapidasnana, doing cheaters jump backs, then collapsed to the floor for one backbend. Wah.

Hopefully I’ll get more sleep tonight, and can enjoy practice again tomorrow.