It’s at it again…
During the first episode of ‘The Unlucky Jumper’, our heroine manages to leave the shala without her clean underwear and has to go and buy emergency undies from Next by the office, which aren’t even her size.

In the second unlucky episode, she loses her Oystercard and gym membership card coming out of the underground and is left scouring the streets between the shala and the underground station after practice looking for it, to no avail.

Today, on the third outing for ‘The Unlucky Jumper’ she breaks the heel of her boot, gets locked into the office and has the alarm set on her, then finally escapes the office after an hour waiting to be rescued by the alarm engineer to find her train line has severe delays due to a signal failure.

In the next chapter, the ceremonial burning of ‘The Unluky Jumper’ the jumper will be destroyed …. keep on reading the blog it’s coming soon!

And onto other matters.

Practice is going OK, but the hamstring is still a bit whiny. From reading Susan’s blog I was reminded that Kino’s workshop is in two weeks time. I was really hoping I would be injury free by then, but alas, it seems no.

Yesterday I had a lovely evening with Susan, Owl and briefly Grimmly. Owl was a bundle of energy, despite a grueling journey from Mysore to London, and we enjoyed great conversation over a beautiful Thai meal. It was nice to put a face to a name, or more like a real person to a video clip, and meet Grimmly, albeit briefly. Another meet up of the London yogis is in order!