I’m enjoying my Monday evening of doing nothing! My day has been hectic from start to finish, and I had to leave the office at 5 to go for more acupuncture.

Today’s appointment was session number 5. My hamstring was feeling lots better this morning, so I was feeling pretty positive when I arrived today. As soon as the doctor took my pulse he announced that today we had to work on the other side, so I was back to face down (the last few appointments have been on my side). He placed the needles on my right hand side and left me for half an hour. He then came back, took some of the needles out, then placed needles in my left hand side and covered me with wood-lock oil. I discovered that it is much easier to ignore slightly uncomfortable needles than a load of wood-lock burning your leg! I can still feel it now and it has been an hour and a half. I’ll see how things feel tomorrow.

Practice today felt good, my forward bend seems to have suddenly come back, I noticed it yesterday, and then today, when starting practice, I didn’t really feel any discomfort. Forward bending with the feet together is still more comfortable than at hip width in padangustasana/padahastasana, but by working a little with the rotation of my legs I can take the pull away from the sore hamstring.

Unfortunately it had to be another short practice as I waited 25 minutes to start. I was the only person waiting again – I really must sort out this timing business! The weather has got much milder this last few days, so the shala was feeling much warmer too. I expect this helped with the hamstring flexibility too.

I have a lot to fit into my day tomorrow, so a 5am start may be required. At least I should get a space immediately and can do my whole practice.