Practice this last couple of weeks has been steady, it’s nice to get into the routine again. I’m trying to do 4 shala practices and 1.5 home practices a week, which is working most of the time. I have progressed to being able to leave G in bed and go to the shala, and one morning a week I practice at his whilst he does an early swim.

Yesterday the shala was rammed, I waited 35 minutes to start and was also queue-jumped… Grr. Today the shala would be even worse as it’s pre-moonday so I have decided to change moon day and have it today. Although the acupuncture is helping my hamstring is sore and my sciatic pain is flaring up a bit, so a break will be good. I’ll do a home practice tomorrow then go back to the shala on Friday.

It’s Kino’s workshop in a couple of weeks an I’d love to be pain free by then. I’ll need to keep my finger an toes crossed!