I went to practice this morning and had NO energy whatsoever. I felt squashed flat.

I started in the finishing room but was quite lucky to have arrived at 7 as it seemed to be a bit of a lull before getting really busy. Starting by the radiator didn’t help me much, I just felt far too hot. I was in the finishing room until Prasarita Padatonasana D, then got called into the main room to find the space was right at the end, next to the radiator. Ugh. Fortunately it was beginning to cool down, but it was sucking the energy out of me!

By the time I got to seated I could hardly manage to jump back and through, so just resorted to stepping. Stopped after my third navasana. I also realised when I got to Mari C, with a feeling of deja vu, that I had done Mari C instead of A. Did one small back bend, then headed back to the finishing room for a bit of closing and a lie down.

I still feel exhausted now. An early night tonight, I think!