I had a lovely Sunday practice. I got up at 7 to see sunshine and jumped in the car and drove to the shala. I got a good spot and enjoyed practice immensely. It was very warm and a bit clammy, and although it felt slightly uncomfortable, the heat was good for my flexibility. Backbending even felt reasonable, although L’s assist was very intense and made my lower back hurt quite a lot.

My lower back is proving problematic at the moment. I have always had quite a pronounced arch in my lower back, which, if I walk around, particularly when shopping, gets quite painful. I then need to forward bend, the vertebra seem to click back into place and things are fine again. At the moment I am getting this sensation almost every time I stand up and walk around then sit down again. Not good. I am thinking it might be because I can’t do much forward bending due to the hamstring pains?

I have been a good patient and have taken my herbs for two days now – they are supposed to help lumbago and sciatica too, so hopefully will just be useful all-round. After practice I had a long soak with the Woodlock oil then in the evening, massaged it into my leg. (Susan, it’s this one www.healthandherbal.com). It does smell a little like winter green, but it also seems to be just the same smell as some balm I bought in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan balm was supposed to be similar to Tiger Balm, but without some ingredient or other that I can’t remember!

I didn’t practice this morning, but went the the gym at lunchtime. I do intend to practice tomorrow morning