When I went back to the shala a few weeks ago and told H about my hamstring pain, he suggested that acupuncture might help assist it’s repair. So, this afternoon I went into my local Chinese medical centre for a consultation. The doctor took my pulse at three different points, looked at my tongue and asked a few questions about yoga and my lifestyle. He told me that my body was still recovering from some stressfull period a couple of years ago but that now I was more balanced and relaxed. Herbs to assist the bodies lubrication system and a course of acupuncture were prescribed. Not being someone to let grass grow under my feet, I opted to have the first acupuncture season immediately.

It was quite a bizarre experience, he put about 5 needles into the crown of my head, one on either side at the base of my skull, these ones we quite uncomfortable initially, then two on my lower back on either side of my spine, one in each inner ankle the two in the buttock on side with the pain, then one in the top of my calf. Possibly a few more in the hamstring but I’m not quite sure! I was then covered with a blanket and given a panic button and told to relax and listen to some music until he came back. I didn’t experience any particular discomfort and couldn’t quite decide whether he had taken out some of the needles before he left me. I resisted the temptation to have a feel for where the needles might be!!!

He duly reappeared after 20 minutes, took out the needles and then massaged my back, hamstring and feet before asking me to stand leaning face towards the wall whilst he applied pressure to my lower spine.

The most interesting observations I had were that he managed to put a needle into just the point where I feel the pain coming from and my muscles seemed to go into a mini spasm around the needle. Pretty impressive considering that I didn’t show him exactly where the pain was most intense. The most painful needle was actually the one in the top of my calf, this area continued to feel a bit uncomfortable even after the session.

I then signed up for another 5 sessions, bought some herbs for lubrication, some muscle rub, which was £15, smells funny and I am not sure I will actually use…. sucker! I need to have another appointment in a weeks time.

Hopefully this will help the hamstring heal as I am getting quite sick of the pain. I can’t really forward bend very well at all and as result this is also making my lower back sore as I don’t feel like I am getting to stretch out enough.

I’m hoping to go to practice tomorrow as I’m home alone this weekend, it will be my first Sunday this year!