My practice is definitely regressing – 3 months on from changing from a 6 day a week practice to a 3 day a week practice it really shows. At the moment I am managing three mornings at the shala and usually about one half practice at home on a Sunday. Today was better than yesterday, even practicing two days in a row feels better than just one on it’s own. When I started practice, many years ago, a teacher told me that I would need to do three practices a week in order to progress, I beg to differ now. Things I used to be able to do without question feel difficult again, twists and binds are harder. My forward bending is stiff, although the hamstring issue is partly to blame for this, my back bending is rubbish!!

Sigh. My goal is to do four mornings a week, but it’s hard to achieve that whilst inhabiting ‘reasonably new boyfriend‘ land! At least I am happy and content with the rest of my life 🙂 I shouldn’t complain really!