The last time I wore my ‘unlucky’ jumper, I managed to leave my clean underwear at the shala and had to buy a fresh set before going to work. Today, I lost my Oyster card 😦 I had it to come out of the tube station, but guess I must have dropped it just before coming into the shala when I took my phone out of my bag to turn the ringer off. I went back and looked for it when I discovered it was missing from my bag, but never found it. A rather costly mishap – £5 for the new card, £10 for a new gym card and then £20 if I bother to buy a new leather wallet for it.

The shala was a sauna today, really, really hot. It was also quite busy – pre-moonday? I was in the finishing room until parsvottanasana, but wasn’t too bothered by that as most people in there were starting rather than finishing this morning.

I wasn’t feeling too sore after yesterdays practice, the only stiffness is on the outside of my hips, hamstring still hurts, but that was expected. I found jump backs were totally hefferlumplike, partly tired arms, partly the friction between my sweaty feet and my yogitoes.

I’m glad its moonday tomorrow, it will be nice to break up my first week back.