I didn’t really get my mojo back on Tuesday, despite my attemps. I did go to the shala in the freezing cold but arrived to a queue and decided I didn’t want to wait for half an hour so I left again. On Wednesday I didn’t practice at all, but at lunch with V I did realize that I do actually miss doing my practice.

This morning I set the alarm and got up and practiced at home, for some reason I really can’t bring myself to go out into the cold to get to the shala. Everything was quite stiff, but I suppose it must be two weeks since I actually did anything. My calves and hamstings both felt tight in the Surya Namasakar and my left hamstring insert still doesn’t seem to have got any better.

When doing a home practice I notice that I really enjoy standing, but once I get to the seated poses I start to get bored at about janu b. I have started to get some pain in my right knee, which is new, I think it is just reflecting tightness in the right hip, but the ardha baddha padmasana type poses are a problem, as are the lotuses in finishing, particuarly when trying to extend the lotus downward in matsyasana. Hmm, the perils of becoming a lazy yogi!

I think today was enough of a wakeup for me to get on the mat regularly again, even if I only do it at home.