February 2009

The last time I wore my ‘unlucky’ jumper, I managed to leave my clean underwear at the shala and had to buy a fresh set before going to work. Today, I lost my Oyster card 😦 I had it to come out of the tube station, but guess I must have dropped it just before coming into the shala when I took my phone out of my bag to turn the ringer off. I went back and looked for it when I discovered it was missing from my bag, but never found it. A rather costly mishap – £5 for the new card, £10 for a new gym card and then £20 if I bother to buy a new leather wallet for it.

The shala was a sauna today, really, really hot. It was also quite busy – pre-moonday? I was in the finishing room until parsvottanasana, but wasn’t too bothered by that as most people in there were starting rather than finishing this morning.

I wasn’t feeling too sore after yesterdays practice, the only stiffness is on the outside of my hips, hamstring still hurts, but that was expected. I found jump backs were totally hefferlumplike, partly tired arms, partly the friction between my sweaty feet and my yogitoes.

I’m glad its moonday tomorrow, it will be nice to break up my first week back.


I went back to the shala today, some addictions are hard to crack 😉

All in all it was a good practice. I had a chat with H about the painful hamstring insert and my sore knee. He thinks the hamstring is slightly torn and will take 6 -12 months to heal – he told me I might try acupuncture to help it repair. The knee – probably just inflammation, nothing more serious than that. So, I suppose I am back.

It was actually pretty quiet after the initial rush of people finishing from the early slots and starting at around 7. By the time I finished there couldn’t have been more than 6 people practicing.

Having done quite a few home practices in the last few weeks, I noticed a marked difference in performance through practicing when I have been up for an hour rather than when I just get out of bed. All to be expected, but it makes for a nice change when the sore hamstring actually allows you to put your palms on the floor in the first vinyasa rather than the tentative reaching of the fingertips towards the floor that I have got used to. Generally flexibility was fine, the warmth helps, L got my hands on the floor both ways in prasarita padatonasana C, and I got into Supta K fine too. An encouraging practice to put me back on track. I am stiffer than I used to be, certainly in my back and the QL. I actually found Baddha Konasana was easier to relax into as my muscles are tight enough to form a resistance to my body going into places where the sciatic pain starts. Silly really.

And to make me giggle at the end of practice, someone was gently snoring in the finishing room 😀

Ahh, I love AYL really.

Next week I WILL go back to the shala. I will pay to go for the rest of Febrary and all of March. Somehow, having handed over money will motivate me more.

I practiced at home Monday and Tuesday but slept in this morning – bad lady. My get out clause for the rest of the week is ladies’ holiday. But next week, I will be good. I’ll probably do some Yin before then too, just to keep up the stretching, especially as my muscles feel stiff at the moment.

I did another home practice today; I was tired and stiff. I want to feel dedicated to my practice again and feel the love for my shala, but I seem to be lacking the inclination.

My left buttock/hamstring insert is still really sore, and as a result of my lethargy, my hamstrings are stiff, my calves have shortened, my back is complaining and my shoulders are tight.

Bleurgh – I will practice tomorrow, somewhere, somehow. Not sure whether I’ll go to the shala or not. At the moment I am finding it impossible to get out of the house in the cold and risk having to wait in a queue…. I will practice at home if I don’t…

I didn’t really get my mojo back on Tuesday, despite my attemps. I did go to the shala in the freezing cold but arrived to a queue and decided I didn’t want to wait for half an hour so I left again. On Wednesday I didn’t practice at all, but at lunch with V I did realize that I do actually miss doing my practice.

This morning I set the alarm and got up and practiced at home, for some reason I really can’t bring myself to go out into the cold to get to the shala. Everything was quite stiff, but I suppose it must be two weeks since I actually did anything. My calves and hamstings both felt tight in the Surya Namasakar and my left hamstring insert still doesn’t seem to have got any better.

When doing a home practice I notice that I really enjoy standing, but once I get to the seated poses I start to get bored at about janu b. I have started to get some pain in my right knee, which is new, I think it is just reflecting tightness in the right hip, but the ardha baddha padmasana type poses are a problem, as are the lotuses in finishing, particuarly when trying to extend the lotus downward in matsyasana. Hmm, the perils of becoming a lazy yogi!

I think today was enough of a wakeup for me to get on the mat regularly again, even if I only do it at home.

I had a lovely week skiing and landed with a bump back in London this morning, with rain and tube delays.

I didn’t do any yoga when I was away, so it’s back to the Shala tomorrow morning. I need to get my yoga mojo back…. it is lost somewhere between Sri Lanka and London I think.