I haven’t posted much, but I haven’t practiced much either!! I realised that my practice sucks at the moment because usually by 26th of any month I would have practiced say 20 times, but this month I have managed 6, yes you read that, 6 times….. I had every intention of going last Friday but just slept right though my alarm. I blame the residual jet lag from NY last weekend. Obviously no practice today due to moon day, but I will try and get three practices in during the rest of the week, and maybe one on Saturday before I go skiing on Sunday.

I finally realised on Saturday night how I must have hurt my left hamstring, oh dear….. I think I did it doing the splits drunk. Oops. I was messing around this Saturday and decided to try and do the spits and ouch… a sudden clarity of where the pain came from. At least I know what I did, now I just have to get it to repair. Lots of gentle yoga.

Right, I’m off but I leave you with some pictures – yes, it was cold!

A and I