I have spent today in the post holiday blues, thank god I am going skiing in 10 days time!

As usual the real obstacle to having fun is ….. work – ha, who would have thought? I want to be good at my job but I only want to work 9-5, I want to be able to stay in bed in the morning and also do my practice, I want to go out and play but need to do things at home like laundry, accounts etc… shit, better stop washing and do some laundry….

OK, where was I… just having a whinge. I am pleased to be going away again next week, but this haveing a holiday then working a week or so then have another holiday results in my being really pressed when I am in the office. Bah. Stop whinging. Silly me. I just had a fabulous holiday in New York, met wonderful new friends and did shopping 🙂

So, what else is new? I didn’t practice this morning – I could blame jet lag, but actually I just wanted to stay in bed. Now I feel sluggish and wish I had done some exercise, even if it was just going to the gym!! I am making a resolution, right now, that on mornings when I don’t get out of bed to go to the shala I will go to the gym at lunch time. There, I have said it. No going back now!!! I will practice tomorrow and Friday, Ladies holiday permitting, but not Sunday. I got quite excited earlier when I realised that Monday is a moonday… I have practiced so little recently that I forgot about them – hehe.

Right, must get on with chores again then go to bed, I need to get over the jetlag and conquer the sleep deficit!!!