So, my trip is over, well bar the flight. At the moment I am in the departure lounge at JFK waiting for my flight which has been delayed due to the snow this afternoon. We have certainly had all sorts of weather, very cold, sunny, damp and also snowy. I have had three trips over now, one in January, one in February and one in March. Next time I will come in the summer!

I have had such a lovely time, especially getting to meet the NY yogis and practicing at their Shala. On saturday five yogis convened at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel for a gorgeous meal of italian food and prosecco, Annabella should hopefully be able to provide the group photo.

As well as yogic sociallising I managed a trip to the top of the Rockerfeller centre, a trip around the Met, a brief trot around the Guggenheim, an afternoon at Moma and also cocktails at The Oak Rooms of the famous Plaza hotel. Oh, and of course there was the shopping!

I also managed to practice on all of the three practice mornings of my trip, my left hamstring is a total bugger though and is hurting a lot. I don’t think the cold has helped at all, the Mysore room at YS is much colder than I am used to and I’m sure the unseasonably cold weather hasn’t helped. I had hoped that the extended Xmas break would help, but I think it has had totally the opposite effect. Hopefully if I keep working with it gently it will ease back to it’s normal state!

Anyway, that’s all for now as I need to get back to watching the departures board!!