So, Its off to the Shala again this morning after a small set back yesterday. I need to work out a way to have a social life and want to go to the Shala in the morning. Well, it’s not so much about not wanting to go, because I do, but it’s wanting to do it more than stay in bed. Hmmmm?? I will have to keep working on this puzzle.

I’m blogging from the train again, which is a good time to to it, although I don’t Really end up being able to write about practice. I don’t think I was writing that much about practice anyway as there is not that much to say. I have been doing full primary for a year, it’s not so challenging anymore and I’m bored of writing about not being able to stand from drop backs!!

The only differences between practice now and practice this time last year is that the things that hurt move around a bit. At the moment the left glute/hamstring is the biggest problem, where last year until both H and I accepted that I was getting nowhere it was the sciatic pain from baddha k. Would a different teacher have stopped me there?

So, tomorrow I am off to NY which is so exciting. I now gave a pile of things I might need on my floor. I will have too much stuff, but that is as expected!


Post practice afterthought : I am actually quite annoyed at myself for not practicing much over Christmas, my backbends suck again and my hamstrings are tight…. oh well, a lesson learned!