I’m on my way to the Shala and feel bloody knackered! I’m a little concerned as to whether I am actually going to be able to get through practice having barely stepped onto my mat in the last 23 days.

My weekend has been hectic. On Friday night I had rehearsal after work then went straight on to meet my colleagues for a birthday party. It was fun and of course imnvolved karaoke. I like to move from one extreme to another, Verdi at the Barbican, then Madonna in the pub. This was then followed by drinking until 4 am at a friends house. I didn’t really do that much on Saturday other than trek across town from Blackheath to Hammersmith. Sunday was busy, up early for a rehearsal, then off to lunch at Eat and Two Veg, a lovely vegetarian restaurant in town. We then walked through town and went to the cinema (Madagascar 2) so grown up πŸ™‚ well, I heard that Australia was rubbish! After that it was back across town for the concert. All in all this involved about an hour of walking from place to place. And left me shattered! So, those are my excuses for today’s fatigue! I really do feel like I would like to still be in bed… Well, only three days of this then New York. Which, incidently, I haven’t thought about at all and have no idea what to take with me!

Ah, happy times πŸ™‚ let’s hope I make it through yoga and on to work πŸ˜‰