I have been a bit slow to catch up with this new year, but I think I have finally made it. I’ve done a day at work and feel shattered…. almost jet lagged. Over the last week I have been going to bed at about 3 – 4 am then getting up at 10, so getting up at 6 this morning was hard. I did practice, all of standing then a few select poses from seated. I did not really try back bending. I haven’t taken a 2 week break since 2005 so it was interesting to feel how stiff I felt. It will pass though, and I will do at least as much as I did today every day until the shala reopens. I predict aches tomorrow though.

Now I need to quickly find a song and learn it as I have my re-audition for the chorus tomorrow night. Hopefully it’s just a technicality anyway. Annoyingly, I have a bit of a cold and sore throat so I am hardly going to sound great anyway.

Till tomorrow, or whenever I have time…..