January 2009

I have managed two morning practices so far this week. Not usually anything to write home about, but in the current trend, I’m doing well!

The practice has been fine mostly, except the hamstring pain. Apparently I grunted in frustration in padangustasana…. well, it was pretty shit. This has been going on for over three months now – the good old blog suggests that I started complaining about the hamstring on 16th October….

In the seated forward bends, my good side has become my bad side, which is interesting, it’s something to work with I suppose!


I haven’t posted much, but I haven’t practiced much either!! I realised that my practice sucks at the moment because usually by 26th of any month I would have practiced say 20 times, but this month I have managed 6, yes you read that, 6 times….. I had every intention of going last Friday but just slept right though my alarm. I blame the residual jet lag from NY last weekend. Obviously no practice today due to moon day, but I will try and get three practices in during the rest of the week, and maybe one on Saturday before I go skiing on Sunday.

I finally realised on Saturday night how I must have hurt my left hamstring, oh dear….. I think I did it doing the splits drunk. Oops. I was messing around this Saturday and decided to try and do the spits and ouch… a sudden clarity of where the pain came from. At least I know what I did, now I just have to get it to repair. Lots of gentle yoga.

Right, I’m off but I leave you with some pictures – yes, it was cold!

A and I





I have spent today in the post holiday blues, thank god I am going skiing in 10 days time!

As usual the real obstacle to having fun is ….. work – ha, who would have thought? I want to be good at my job but I only want to work 9-5, I want to be able to stay in bed in the morning and also do my practice, I want to go out and play but need to do things at home like laundry, accounts etc… shit, better stop washing and do some laundry….

OK, where was I… just having a whinge. I am pleased to be going away again next week, but this haveing a holiday then working a week or so then have another holiday results in my being really pressed when I am in the office. Bah. Stop whinging. Silly me. I just had a fabulous holiday in New York, met wonderful new friends and did shopping 🙂

So, what else is new? I didn’t practice this morning – I could blame jet lag, but actually I just wanted to stay in bed. Now I feel sluggish and wish I had done some exercise, even if it was just going to the gym!! I am making a resolution, right now, that on mornings when I don’t get out of bed to go to the shala I will go to the gym at lunch time. There, I have said it. No going back now!!! I will practice tomorrow and Friday, Ladies holiday permitting, but not Sunday. I got quite excited earlier when I realised that Monday is a moonday… I have practiced so little recently that I forgot about them – hehe.

Right, must get on with chores again then go to bed, I need to get over the jetlag and conquer the sleep deficit!!!

So, my trip is over, well bar the flight. At the moment I am in the departure lounge at JFK waiting for my flight which has been delayed due to the snow this afternoon. We have certainly had all sorts of weather, very cold, sunny, damp and also snowy. I have had three trips over now, one in January, one in February and one in March. Next time I will come in the summer!

I have had such a lovely time, especially getting to meet the NY yogis and practicing at their Shala. On saturday five yogis convened at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel for a gorgeous meal of italian food and prosecco, Annabella should hopefully be able to provide the group photo.

As well as yogic sociallising I managed a trip to the top of the Rockerfeller centre, a trip around the Met, a brief trot around the Guggenheim, an afternoon at Moma and also cocktails at The Oak Rooms of the famous Plaza hotel. Oh, and of course there was the shopping!

I also managed to practice on all of the three practice mornings of my trip, my left hamstring is a total bugger though and is hurting a lot. I don’t think the cold has helped at all, the Mysore room at YS is much colder than I am used to and I’m sure the unseasonably cold weather hasn’t helped. I had hoped that the extended Xmas break would help, but I think it has had totally the opposite effect. Hopefully if I keep working with it gently it will ease back to it’s normal state!

Anyway, that’s all for now as I need to get back to watching the departures board!!

So, I’m here in freezing New York!
I’m having a great time, despite the cold and have even managed to sleep through to 7 am this morning.

Yesterday was an action packed day, I started of with a 6.30 practice at YS, which by no accident is about a 2 minute walk from the lovely Bryant Park Hotel. The reception area at YS is bigger than my home shala, and generally the place is lovely. Practice was ok and it was nice to put a face to a shala I have heard about so often. G was very gentle, and did some different adjustments to the ones I am used to, although this made me look like a total spaz in supta k as I wasn’t expecting him to do what he did at all, resulting in him telling me to relax!

The rest of the day we did some tourist things and some shopping. In the evening we had a lovely meal at a restaurant recommended by Anna then went to the New York ballet.

Today is set to be a great day and one where I get to meet lots of the lovely yogis!!!!

Happy times 🙂

So, Its off to the Shala again this morning after a small set back yesterday. I need to work out a way to have a social life and want to go to the Shala in the morning. Well, it’s not so much about not wanting to go, because I do, but it’s wanting to do it more than stay in bed. Hmmmm?? I will have to keep working on this puzzle.

I’m blogging from the train again, which is a good time to to it, although I don’t Really end up being able to write about practice. I don’t think I was writing that much about practice anyway as there is not that much to say. I have been doing full primary for a year, it’s not so challenging anymore and I’m bored of writing about not being able to stand from drop backs!!

The only differences between practice now and practice this time last year is that the things that hurt move around a bit. At the moment the left glute/hamstring is the biggest problem, where last year until both H and I accepted that I was getting nowhere it was the sciatic pain from baddha k. Would a different teacher have stopped me there?

So, tomorrow I am off to NY which is so exciting. I now gave a pile of things I might need on my floor. I will have too much stuff, but that is as expected!


Post practice afterthought : I am actually quite annoyed at myself for not practicing much over Christmas, my backbends suck again and my hamstrings are tight…. oh well, a lesson learned!

I’m on my way to the Shala and feel bloody knackered! I’m a little concerned as to whether I am actually going to be able to get through practice having barely stepped onto my mat in the last 23 days.

My weekend has been hectic. On Friday night I had rehearsal after work then went straight on to meet my colleagues for a birthday party. It was fun and of course imnvolved karaoke. I like to move from one extreme to another, Verdi at the Barbican, then Madonna in the pub. This was then followed by drinking until 4 am at a friends house. I didn’t really do that much on Saturday other than trek across town from Blackheath to Hammersmith. Sunday was busy, up early for a rehearsal, then off to lunch at Eat and Two Veg, a lovely vegetarian restaurant in town. We then walked through town and went to the cinema (Madagascar 2) so grown up 🙂 well, I heard that Australia was rubbish! After that it was back across town for the concert. All in all this involved about an hour of walking from place to place. And left me shattered! So, those are my excuses for today’s fatigue! I really do feel like I would like to still be in bed… Well, only three days of this then New York. Which, incidently, I haven’t thought about at all and have no idea what to take with me!

Ah, happy times 🙂 let’s hope I make it through yoga and on to work 😉

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