I’ve not done any yoga for a week. The Shala is CLOSED. 😦

I was hoping that a week off might help my hamstring and glute issues clear up, but it seems to be making no difference at all. I don’t think wearing heels helps much. My knee has been sore since dancing over a week ago too. Humpfh. This afternoon I bought a new yoga mat, just on a whim when I saw a nice blue one whilst standing in the queue at TKMaxx. It’s the same as my current mat, apart from it’s blueness, so I am fairly confident it will last well.

Generally I can’t be bothered to blog at the moment and whilst the shala is closed, and I am not practicing, there isn’t much to say.

At the moment my monkey mind is all over the place thinking about travelling, how I wish I could spend a few months away. The new Yoga Thailand looks lovely, but I can’t even think when I might be able to go there again. Ok, I shouldn’t complain, I have NY and skiing to look forward to in the next 6 weeks.

Right, I’m off. More when I start practicing again… maybe at home tomorrow?