It has been so long since I logged into WordPress that my computer has forgotten my automatic log in ;). Anyway, I am back from my lovely holiday and back at the shala. My bodyclock seems to be suffering a bit of jetlag and I have woken at 5am the last 3 mornings, so I have been doing a nice early practice. On Monday and Tuesday the shala was blissfully quiet, which was a nice thing to return to after the retreat where there was acres of space!!

Ulpotha was wonderful, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is no electricity and no mobile phone reception, almost everything is grown on the site, which also has an underground spring providing drinkable water to the village. I had 8 hours of sleep every night, ate delicious home cooked food and practiced lots of yoga. Could life be better than that?

Although I got lots of tips about back bending when I was away, I still haven’t managed to stand up on my own (other than the time on the beach). K’s tips for backbending are quite different to H’s, but it was interesting to get a different perspective. At the moment, I am trying to stabilise the core muscles by inward rotation of the thighs… maybe it will work?

My practice back here in London has been good for the past three days, during my holiday I didn’t really do baddha K with any vigour, one morning I even inadvertanely left it out and didn’t realise till closing. After 3 days back though, I am getting twinges again. I had another appointment with A, the masseur, on Monday who worked more on my glutes, hamstrings, QL and ITB, so hopefully progress will be made.

Now I have two more mornings of practice with H until the Shala is closed for 3 weeks, I had better get my self practice hat out!