December 2008

I did one sun salutation this morning. It was a start, I suppose.


I’ve not done any yoga for a week. The Shala is CLOSED. 😦

I was hoping that a week off might help my hamstring and glute issues clear up, but it seems to be making no difference at all. I don’t think wearing heels helps much. My knee has been sore since dancing over a week ago too. Humpfh. This afternoon I bought a new yoga mat, just on a whim when I saw a nice blue one whilst standing in the queue at TKMaxx. It’s the same as my current mat, apart from it’s blueness, so I am fairly confident it will last well.

Generally I can’t be bothered to blog at the moment and whilst the shala is closed, and I am not practicing, there isn’t much to say.

At the moment my monkey mind is all over the place thinking about travelling, how I wish I could spend a few months away. The new Yoga Thailand looks lovely, but I can’t even think when I might be able to go there again. Ok, I shouldn’t complain, I have NY and skiing to look forward to in the next 6 weeks.

Right, I’m off. More when I start practicing again… maybe at home tomorrow?

It has been so long since I logged into WordPress that my computer has forgotten my automatic log in ;). Anyway, I am back from my lovely holiday and back at the shala. My bodyclock seems to be suffering a bit of jetlag and I have woken at 5am the last 3 mornings, so I have been doing a nice early practice. On Monday and Tuesday the shala was blissfully quiet, which was a nice thing to return to after the retreat where there was acres of space!!

Ulpotha was wonderful, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is no electricity and no mobile phone reception, almost everything is grown on the site, which also has an underground spring providing drinkable water to the village. I had 8 hours of sleep every night, ate delicious home cooked food and practiced lots of yoga. Could life be better than that?

Although I got lots of tips about back bending when I was away, I still haven’t managed to stand up on my own (other than the time on the beach). K’s tips for backbending are quite different to H’s, but it was interesting to get a different perspective. At the moment, I am trying to stabilise the core muscles by inward rotation of the thighs… maybe it will work?

My practice back here in London has been good for the past three days, during my holiday I didn’t really do baddha K with any vigour, one morning I even inadvertanely left it out and didn’t realise till closing. After 3 days back though, I am getting twinges again. I had another appointment with A, the masseur, on Monday who worked more on my glutes, hamstrings, QL and ITB, so hopefully progress will be made.

Now I have two more mornings of practice with H until the Shala is closed for 3 weeks, I had better get my self practice hat out!

I wrote the entry below last night, and am now finally at a hotel with an internet connection, so I can get online!

Updates since last night – I am now in Nuwara Eliya, I DID practice this morning and I can still drop back. I stood up twice on my own whilst on the beach but had a slight gradient in my favour!


I can’t believe that it is Tuesday evening, and this is the first real opportunity i have had to sit and take a few moments to write something. In theory, I have been away for exactly a week, although I lost time whilst traveling, so I left on a Tuesday evening but didn’t arrive until Wednesday afternoon.

The trip started in Colombo at the Galle Face Hotel, a beautiful Colonial hotel set on Galle Face Green and also on the sea front. The hotel had a veranda with a restaurant and bar where we wiled away a few hours and also a beautiful swimming pool. The weather during the trip so far has been mixed. It has been hot and humid but with frequent bursts of heavy rainfall and plenty of cloudy skies. It hasn’t really prevented me from doing anything in particular, so I can’t complain. In Colombo, rather like India, every second person is trying to encourage you to engage with them, usually in order for them to try and extract rupees from you. As soon as I left the hotel to find an ATM I was being hassled by people claiming to work at the hotel, offering to take me to see things etc etc etc. A little annoying, to be honest. I did a few sightseeing trips, visiting the museum, a temple, a few shops, the Pettah (street markets) etc. The wedding was on Saturday and was great fun. The hotel has a marvelous ball room and with 150 guests including 16 odd from the UK, it was a very good party.

On Sunday we travelled down the coast to Bentota to go to the beach. The beach there was very similar to Goa, wide pale sand and brimming with palm trees. The water was pretty rough though, so you couldn’t really swim. The Hotel in Bentota was designed by the Sri Lankan (Burgher) architect Geoffrey Bawa and was quite interestingly designed, although it was a bit tired and seemed to cater for German and Russian package holiday makers. I did have amazing gardens and a large pool. The pool was unusual because wherever there were rocks in the earth where the pool was built, they incorporated them into the structure of the pool, so part of it was tiled, and part rock!!

Today, I started my tour of the rest of Sri Lanka, we took a 6 hour bus journey from Bentota up into the hill country to Badarawela. I think our hotel is at about 1400m, and the road up here had amazing views. The journey wasn’t that far, but the roads are pretty terrible, so speeds above 40mph are not possible. Badarawela is in the middle of the tea growing area so we have seen many tea plantations and factories. I think there is a tour around the tea factory tomorrow. I have ended up on the tour with the grooms family as one of his cousins has been stuck in Bangkok. He was supposed to fly out on Wednesday but was unable to, obviously, so missed the wedding and this part of the trip.

So far I have only managed a couple of practices, but I arrived pretty late in the day Wednesday, Thursday was moonday, Saturday was Saturday etc. This morning I preferred to take a long swim in the pool as the weather was quite sticky. I do intend to practice tomorrow and hopefully a few more times before the retreat. Anyway, a break is good, I am sure!