I am so not getting work done today. I have a conference call tomorrow and I NEED to prepare. I haven’t done it. I am not at dancing because I need to work, but I am not working…

Schedule of the day

6.30 – get up
7.30 – leave for practice
8.00 – practice
9.30 – post practice coffee
11.00 – home
11.30 – siesta
12.30 – lunch
1.30 – faff
2.30 – faff on internet
3.30 – read magazine and contemplate actually doing work
4.00 – send some e mails
4.30 – think more about working but continue to faff
5.30 – get work out of bag
6.00 – contemplate whether I can actually sleep lying on the floor – yes I can!
6.30 – telephone conversation with mother
6.45 – read Sri Lanka guidebook
7.30 – decide not to go dancing – make dinner
8.00 – more faff
8.30 – write blog……

hmm – what a constructive day I am having.

Practice was good though, and the massage seemed to have loosened things up a bit. I now have two bruises on my left hip – nice. I felt the difference in ardha baddha padmotanasana, and in the prasaritas. Then, for the first time EVER, I did my backbends and actually quite enjoyed them. L was adjusting so I explained how I had just started dropping back but couldn’t get up yet, so she gave me some gentle adjustments, and helped me work on coming back up. She told me to drop back, exhale fully then come up on the inhalation. Problem – I seem to have exhaled all of my lung capacity before I am supposed to exhale…. must remember to breathe when I do this tomorrow.

And now, the moment I have been avoiding all day…. work?