I’m having a night in – and to celebrate moon day tomorrow I am working from home. I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep and hopefully a nice productive day at home tomorrow. I have 9 days to finish a LOAD of work off and if I can get 12 hours of work done tomorrow, it will help a lot. Well, there are weekends too, if things get desperate… but I do need to pack at some point and work out if I need to buy anything for the trip.

Oh, the trip. I haven’t sorted out anything at all. My friend is sending out dozens of e mails with information and travel tips, which I haven’t even read. The guidebook is gathering dust on the table, and I haven’t booked my pickup with the yoga centre yet…. maybe this weekend I’ll do those things?

Last night I went out for a few drinks – great for a Tuesday night – and ended up going back to the Buddha Bar. It is still very cool, and I devoured 4, yes FOUR, lovely cocktails. I didn’t even have a hangover this morning!

Practice today was good, despite only 6 hours sleep. Not having done a full practice since Friday left me feeling quite limber, although hamstring and hip seem to have gone into panic mode subsequently. At the end of practice when I stood for dropbacks, I told H that I had done four dropbacks on my own on Monday. He didn’t believe it and asked me (in jest, I hope) if I had landed on my head! He barely spotted me for two, then stood beside me for a third and was there ‘ just in case’. He seemed pretty amazed, to be honest! Nice 😉 My last dropback felt even better than the ones I did at home on Monday as I really managed to keep the weight in the legs and drop my arms back before I let my weight transfer onto my hands. Standing up IS coming… I know it!

Holiday in 13 days!