I’m half way between wanting to write a really long complex post, and not writing at all. I suppose this post is a compromise.

It has been a stressy day for me, and I don’t feel like I have achieved much at all. Work is too busy for my liking. I am not good at being productive when I have lots of things outstanding. The lack of control puts me on edge and I can’t get started. Not a problem individual to me, but, whatever.

I got home to an e mail that made me feel a bit confrontational, so I decided to back away from it all, and get onto my mat. It’s ladies holiday for me, so I haven’t practiced today. I did a few Surya Namaskar and some forward bends, then worked on backbending. I took some photos, which I may post when I get a minute. I did a birthday backbending post last year and have intended for the last week to do a 1 year later comparison. Anyway, I decided I ought to be able to drop back, so I did, and I did it 4 times, so I am sure that I can. I don’t know if I dare do it in the shala with my morning back and tired arms though. I can almost stand up if I do lots of vigorous rocking. More time and more practice required. Piriformis seems unimproved, even only during my short practice.

Not sure I’ll go to the shala tomorrow, I have too much work to do. 😦

I want to have enough time to do EVERYTHING.