I think my birthday celebrations have officially started and if I can help it they will continue through until the end of Sunday! I have been out this evening with my dad and stuffed myself with delicious sweet potato and spinach pie. Lovely now, but I am sure it will make me feel sluggish in the morning. Tomorrow I am seeing my mum, then Friday I am having drinks, Saturday is my birthday then Sunday is Bond day with V yay!!

Practice this morning was a bit creaky. My bum is still quite sore although piriformis seems to have calmed down. I had only done 1 practice in 5 days in the hope that the discomfort would ease up, but it hasn’t. I consider if resting for 4 days doesn’t sort it, then it doesn’t need resting, so will now carry on practicing around it. The shala was cooler than it has been in a while due to the particularly arctic weather we have been experiencing over the past few days, and although I was far from feeling cold, I didn’t sweat much – which is quite nice really. I did feel a bit stiff though, especially in the prasaritas. Backbends are going OK, fortunately!

I’m not going to aim to be at the shala before 7.30 tomorrow because there is really no point. I got there just after 7 today and had to wait for 20 minutes or so until about 5 spaces opened at the same time.

Not much else to report really. Tomorrow is a new day and who know what will happen!