Today seems to have dragged on forever, it seems so long ago that I was getting up to go to the shala! I hardly managed to get up actually, I went to bed too late after going out for dinner at my friends house. It was lots of fun, good food and interesting company. I was actually home by 11 but managed to faff about for another hour before going to bed.

When I finally made it out of the house I was dismayed to find that not only was my closest bus stop closed, but the one after it too, so I had to hike much further than I would like to to get the bus. The rest of the journey was uneventful but I had to wait about 20 -25 mins to practice. I hate to be a whinger, but this is really bugging me at the moment. I am a bit sick of having to rush through practice then hardly having time to shower in order to get to work. Yes, I KNOW, I could get up earlier, but the chances are I would still have to wait, or maybe end up doing a considerable amount of my practice in the finishing room… what to do? Practice generally was OK, but slightly lack-lustre. I am still having some discomfort from my left hamstring/buttock, the first few forward bends are sore, but as I warm up, it seems to get better.

Despite having a load of work to get on with, I wasted most of my morning booking the Sri Lanka trip; once I have an idea in my head I have to get it sorted out. So this morning I booked my flights – that ended up being slow and annoying as I couldn’t book the tickets online as I have to renew my passport so currently don’t have a passport number, which is a necessity for an online booking. I then waited for 25 minutes for the airline booking office to take my call, only to be told that I should book through one of their dedicated travel agents, who, to be fair, sorted out my booking in about 3.5 minutes. I then filled out the retreat booking form and transferred money to the retreat, and confrimed my hotel bookings in Colombo, then went to the post office to send off my passport for renewal.

This afternoon I have just felt stressy trying to get work done. My colleagues were being rather jovial and put up CHRISTMAS LIGHTS over lunch, and thought it would be amusing to tell everyone who came onto our floor that I had given them permission to do so….. hmmmm ….. I then spent a couple of hours busting my brain trying to find novelty in a seemingly unnovel patent application. I really don’t like telling people that they can’t have protection for their lifetimes work; anyway, after a couple of hours of wracking my brains I came up with something possibly plausible?

So, that has been my day – I’m not sure what was the point of blurbing all of that out really, but there you go. An early night required tonight, and hopefully I will have a stronger practice in the morning!