I have done almost nothing this weekend and am slightly annoyed with myself.

Yesterday was scheduled as a do nothing day, so that was fine, but in the end I stayed in bed too long in the morning and couldn’t shift that fuzzy feeling that I get from sleeping too much. Other than a quick walk to the local shops to buy essentials and browse through the cheap clothing selection I stayed at home. I didn’t really want to buy anything just fancied the visual stimulation!

Today has also been lazy, but I am annoyed with myself and need to get energised! I set my alarm for practice, but dozed a bit and finally woke up at 8.15. 8.15 isn’t really too late to go to the shala, I would have been there before 9, but I thought I might practice at home, then mooched around and didn’t bother.

I was intending to go to a dance class this afternoon, but again, because I couldn’t really be bothered to make myself look presentable enough to go out, I didn’t bother. I did actually want to go to this, and to look at the shoes in the shop at the dance centre. Stupid me.

This afternoon I have some work I ought to do – but I seem to have just bought a Sunday paper, which could keep me occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Discipline is needed. I am going out for dinner tonight though, which will be nice and force me out of the house πŸ˜‰

Despite huge procrastination for the last couple of months, I have now decided that I am going to Sri Lanka. I decided to have a look on the Ulpotha website and saw that there is a two week Astanga course starting on 7th December. I decided that this must be a sign that I should go. I have e mailed Ulpotha to see if I can stay for the first week only, but if I must do 2 weeks, then I will. I’ll start off in Colombo for my friends wedding, have a week or so there then head off into the mountains for ‘retreat’. As usual I am a bit panicked about the prospect of holing myself up in a retreat in the middle of nowhere for any length of time, but it would probably be good for me. Although my past retreat experiences have been fairly off the beaten track, I get the impression that this one is probably more secluded. Anyway, I shall see what happens, and if I can get the all clear from work to take 3 weeks off, I will. It will mean that I will be in London for Christmas, which I don’t like much, but the thought that Susan and CK will be around makes it slightly less depressing. I don’t really dislike Christmas but I hate the way everything shuts down and you become hostage to your own soul! As Christmas in on a Thursday it means that there will be four full days of virtual shut down…. urk… but if I have been out of the office for the 3 weeks preceding, then I will probably have quite a lot to do.

Right, now I must spring into action, and could do with some energetic music to make me do so…. why, oh why, isn’t any of my pc downloaded music compatible with my mac??? 😦