I am in a bit of a grump today, well, I actually feel better now than I did earlier, having booked myself onto a Danny Paradise workshop tomorrow night, with some other yogi friends.

Anyway, I went to bed nice and early again last night then woke at 4.45. I should have just gone to the shala, but instead tried to get back to sleep; I was awake until about 20 minutes before my alarm, then had to go through waking up all over again!

I then went out to get the bus to the station and found a big hole in the road (thanks Thames Water) and the bus stop closed. I had to walk to the next bus stop, missed the bus, and then the train that I usually get. I then got queue jumped at the shala. There were lots of people waiting when I arrived so I pottered around rather than sit in the queue. The lady after me must have thought she was in the queue before me, so went in in my place.

When I started practising I couldn’t let got of all the little irritants I had picked up during my morning, so practice was pretty mediocre. I also ended up by the radiator; I could have moved, but thought my bad mood might be better contained at the side of the shala ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything was somewhat half hearted, particularly as the top of my left hamstring / buttock is sore at the moment, and also the side of my right knee when lotusing, right on the top of the joint. I hardly even broke into a sweat, which is most unlike me.

Hopefully things will feel better tomorrow as I will do morning practice and Danny Paradise, I expect. Well, unless tonight is a super fantastic night at dancing and I stay out all night ๐Ÿ˜‰