It’s moon day, I could have had a lie in, but as usual I woke up pretty early. It’s always nice to get up at a leisurely pace though, have a cup of coffee and some breakfast before leaving home.

I’m feeling pretty shattered today, after a late night on Sunday at 606 followed by another late one dancing last night. I could do with some rest so the plan is to leave the office early (5.30?) tonight, go home and chill out. I know I can’t lie in so I might as well at least go to bed early.

Dancing last night was lots of fun. It has taken 6 months to get this enjoyable, but now I am at the point where I can follow the lead of most of the people I dance with. There are a few who still seem to be dancing a totally different dance, like this slightly letchy foreign man who I would say is in his 50s who dances with me every time, but doesn’t seem to stick to any of the conventional 6 count or 8 count steps.

When I left last night I said to my friends that I would see them in two weeks, of course thinking about there being another Tuesday moonday coming up, but then remembered today that I have booked myself onto an 8am breakfast seminar that day about marketing legal services. A necessary evil, I think, but I don’t think it counts for CPD….

Not much else to report really, it only being Tuesday and there being no practice!