It is a beautiful day here today. I would love to be outside but I have to go out in a couple of hours so have forced myself to come home and do useful things. The sun is streaming into my flat, the windows are open and there is a lovely breeze coming in, so it’s almost as good as being out.

I’ve had a nice day so far. Up early(ish) for practice, which was great. It was pretty quiet in the shala and not too hot. I had V as my mat neighbour again, which was nice. We then had a post practice coffee, which was nice and an essential after a Sunday practice, as far as I am concerned. I then came home for a quick shower then went off to lunch with an old school friend, her husband and their 1 year old daughter. It was great to catch up. We all wondered why it has been so long, it’s about 20 minutes door-to-door to her house, and she works a stones throw from me, but somehow a year has passed since we last met up!

So, now I am back home and trying to resist having a siesta before I go out at 6. I’m going to go to see a jazz band play tonight, which should be fun. I’d normally go dancing, but will probably do that tomorrow night. Plus, I can stay out late tomorrow as it’s moon day on Tuesday. Hooray.

Inspired by Susan and her pictures, here is a view out of my window, taken right now. I can’t believe it is 21 degrees today, in October!